MORE® REALTY offers Group Health Insurance to our Real Estate Agents.

This is a truly unique opportunity that allows 1099 agents to participate in group benefits.*

• Medical, Dental, Vision, & MORE!
- Qualified HSA Options Available!
• Medicare Advantage Plan for those who are eligible.

  • Group health plan designs offer MORE benefit than those in the individual exchange.
  • Group health plans provide MORE premium savings.
  • Group health plans allow MORE network access to providers than the individual exchange.
  • *5 medical plan options, including HSA-qualified plans!
  • Prescription, Vision and Alternative Care benefits included in every medical plan!
  • 4 dental plan options, and additional vision coverage if you are not electing the medical coverage!
  • National provider network access available!

*Plans vary state by state and are available in the continental U.S. For questions, please use the orange button.


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