Meet the Team at MORE® Realty
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Paul Knighton

Paul Knighton, CEO/Co-Founder

Managing Principal Broker

Denise knighton more realty

Denise Knighton, VP/Co-Founder

Commissions & Closing Dept.

Nicki Ek

Nicki Ek, Director of Operations

Accounting & Billing Services

Derek Warren

Derek Warren, Director of Recruiting

Recruiting, Onboarding, & Agent Support

Chris Craft, Reception

Assisting Agents & MORE® Realty Staff


Brad Knotts, Central OR Managing PB / Reviewing Broker

Reviewing Broker -

Patricia Chilton

Patricia Chilton, Agent Liaison

Admin Support

Scott Dunn, Commercial Department

Principal Broker

heather bonney

Heather Bonney, TC Dept Manager

Transaction Coordination Dept.

Kristin Anderson

Kristin Anderson, TC Dept Assistant

Transaction Coordination Dept.

Becky Younk

Becky Younk, TC Dept Assistant

Transaction Coordination Dept.

Melissa Hill

Melissa Rush, TC Dept Assistant - WA

Transaction Coordination Dept. (WA)

Cindy Clunes-web

Cindy Clunes, Agent Development & Training


Jenny Fotland

Jenny Fotland, Marketing Manager

Marketing, Graphic Design & Website services 971-222-9561

Laura Holm

Laura Holm, Marketing Assistant

Marketing Department

jane Davies

Jane Davies, Agent Liaison

Admin Support



Ross Day, Legal Counsel

Legal Team for MORE Realty

Heather Stevens, Paralegal

Legal Team for MORE Realty